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Par 5. A good tee shot is needed between the bunkers, but be aware of the out of bounds down the right. Long hitters can get home in two!

Hole 1


Par 4. Fairway sloping right to left but be aware of the out of bounds down the right.

Green slopes right to left.

Hole 2


Par 4. The hardest hole on the course. As the fairway slopes right to left, your best option.

For a good look at the green is to aim right of the marker post.

Hole 3


Par 3. A straight shot is required on this hole.

The green is bunkered left and right and so landing front right of the green could be the safest play.

Hole 4


Par 4 and all uphill. Missing the fairway bunker on the right gives you a good chance of hitting the green - take at least one more club going for the green.

Hole 5


Par 4. Straight tee shot missing fairway bunker on the left leads to a good view of the green.

Hole 6


Par 4. One of the hardest fairways to hit due to left to right sloping fairways and lots of bunkers. Aiming at the left edge of the fairway is a good line, keep approach shots on the left side of the green.

Hole 7


Par 3. Long iron shot to green required. The green is surrounded by bunkers

Hole 8


This hole is a Par 5 dog legging right to left. A tee shot just left of the fairway bunker followed by a shot staying right of the dog leg of trees will lead to a good view of the green.

Hole 9


Par 4. Big hitters have a chance of taking it over the pond and getting near the green. Players laying up should be aware of the pond on the edge of the tree line and a bunker on the left could be hit if you're playing too safe.

Hole 10


Par 4. Tee shot just missing bunkers on the left will give a good look at the green.

Hole 11


Par 5. You'll need to make a decision whether you're going left or right of the fairway tree. An accurate second shot is needed to left side of fairway for the best angle to the green.

Hole 12


Par 4. Straight tee shot needed, take at least one more club to uphill green.

Hole 13


This hole is a deceptive Par 3. Normally players aim longer than the yardage as the green slopes back to front.

Hole 14


Par 4. Fairway dog leg right to left with fairway sloping left to right makes tee shot very tricky. Best tip would be to aim to the left side of the green.

Hole 15


This hole is a long Par 4 going from right to left. A good tee shot down the right side of the fairway gets the big kick forward and then a long straight approach shot is needed to the green.

Hole 16


Par 3. Try a long iron shot to the green which slopes back to front. This hole is bunkered left, right and short of the green.

Hole 17


Par 4. Possibly the best hole on the course. You must be very accurate off the tee as the fairway bends to the left. The green is heavily bunkered on both the left side and front right.

Hole 18


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