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We are thrilled to announce a ground breaking enhancement to your golfing journey at Little Hay Golf Complex – the unveiling of our very own complex app! Tailored to elevate your experience both on and off the course, our innovative app brings a host of features designed to assist and enrich every aspect of your golfing lifestyle.


Immerse yourself in a seamless digital golfing experience like never before, as we present to you the Little Hay Golf Complex App. Your companion in the pursuit of excellence on the fairways and beyond.


Discover the power of technology at your fingertips as our app provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, crafted exclusively for our esteemed golf community. Whether you're seeking to improve your game, stay updated on complex events or benefit from big promotions, our app has you covered.


Experience the convenience of instant access to real-time course information, exclusive member updates and a range of features that cater to your unique needs. We've created a golfing haven that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, making your time at Little Hay Golf Complex even more enjoyable.


Key features of our app include:


News Hub


Introducing the heartbeat of our golfing community – the News Hub on our Little Hay Golf Complex App! Your one-stop destination for the latest club updates, exclusive announcements and a myriad of engaging content tailored just for you. Stay in the loop with real-time news, from tournament highlights and course improvements to member spotlights and upcoming events. The News Hub is designed to keep you connected, informed and inspired.


Events Calendar


Embark on a journey of excitement with the Events Calendar on our Little Hay Golf Complex App - your passport to a world of exclusive experiences and camaraderie. Immerse yourself in a dynamic line up of events designed to elevate your golfing lifestyle. From thrilling tournaments that put your skills to the test to social gatherings that foster connections among fellow enthusiasts. Stay informed about upcoming happenings and mark your calendar for exciting future events. Join us in creating memories on and off the course – because at Little Hay Golf Complex, every event is a chance to enrich your golfing experience.




Your gateway to special offers and exciting deals tailored for our valued members. Discover a variety of promotions, from equipment discounts to exclusive dining offers, designed to enhance your overall golfing experience. Keep an eye on this dedicated section for limited-time opportunities that add extra value to your membership. At Little Hay Golf Complex, we believe that your commitment to the game should be rewarded with more than just exceptional rounds


In addition to the Promotions Section, our app serves as a comprehensive guide to all the outstanding facilities our complex has to offer. Explore the myriad of amenities, from state-of-the-art practice facilities to cosy dining areas with great views. Ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips for a seamless and enjoyable visit to Little Hay Golf Complex. It's not just a complex; it's your haven for golf and leisure and our app is your personalized guide to unlocking it all.


Course Updates


Stay in tune with the heartbeat of the course through our Course Updates feature on the Little Hay Golf Complex App. Immerse yourself in real-time information on course conditions, maintenance schedules and any noteworthy developments that directly impact your golfing experience. Whether you're planning your next round or simply staying informed about the current state of the course, our Course Updates ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips. Critical course updates are sent in real-time via push notifications, enabling you to have the very latest updates at your fingertips, as they happen.  At Little Hay Golf Complex, we believe that being in the know enhances your time on the course, and our Course Updates feature is designed to keep you seamlessly connected to the heart of the golfing action.


As well as the above incredible sections in our new app, it also contains the following features:

  • Tee Booking
  • Course Guide with flyover videos and GPS distance to the pin
  • Scorecard for up to 4 players
  • Weather with weekly forecast
  • Notification section to keep track of historic push notifications

Join us on this exciting journey as we embrace the future of golfing with the launch of our cutting-edge app. Elevate your game, enhance your connections, and embrace the Little Hay Golf Complex experience like never before. 


To ensure you make the most of this innovative tool, we encourage you to take a moment to complete your app profile. By doing so, you can unlock exclusive benefits, incredible personalised offers and a more enriched experience.


Use the following links to download and start using our app – your gateway to a richer, more connected golfing lifestyle at Little Hay Golf Complex.

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